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My rating: 5 out of 5

My review:

This really was an EPIC adventure. What would humanity do when faced with impossible odds of annihilation? According to Stephenson we’d see the best and the worst of humanity over the course of thousands of years while the survivors figured out a way to keep going.

I like that Seveneves addresses some of the basics - what would we eat in space? drink? breathe? But more importantly it addresses other things besides the basics. How would our cultures change? How would technology change over the years? What new challenges would we have to face? What problems would cease to exist?

However I still find that there is a lot of detail that is not entirely addressed - especially around remaining humanity being able to keep the technology going and improving over the millennia. This one gripe of mine does not take away from how enjoyable this book was. There were a lot of adventures within adventures. Lot of accidents, ingenuity, surprises, philosophical questions and ethical dilemmas.

So: Hooray for the Big Ride!