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My rating: 5 out of 5

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The politically incorrect advice I would (of course never) give is this: go to the pub for a drink in the morning.

This books is a revelation. It describes in a vivid way what happens when we don’t get enough sleep (it’s worse than I imagined in my wildest dreams). Lack of sleep disrupts learning, memory formation, compromises immune system and contributes to various ailments. It even diminishes vaccination efficacy which should have been something that I would have been useful for vaccination planning for Covid-19 I would hope. And it does not take much to reach the “lack of sleep” stage.

We as human society have completely self-sabotaged our ability to sleep properly. Lighting (especially LED), early morning work and school schedules, keeping our bedrooms too warm and more…

I will note that while Mr. Walker does often point out unfinished or unclear science it’s not always clear. Certainly take some things with a grain of salt and careful scepticism. But even if only half of the things is true, I’d want to sleep properly to avoid the damage. What’s the downside?

Congratulations Mr. Walker, you have a convert for your sleep revolution. I will look for ways to make my sleep better going forward.