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My rating: 5 out of 5

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One of the more interesting reads lately. I have a nagging feeling I was lied to - yet I cannot figure out whether it was the book or the world all these years. If nothing else, it certainly got me thinking and that in itself is a great feeling.

The fact we are destroying the world is not lost on me. The fact this is getting worse and worse is not either. Mother Culture is telling us to keep destroying ourselves with the hope of greener pastures and technological fixes just around the current corner. Yet the more we try get ahead in the game of life - the more dead we are becoming. More detached from the community of life all around us. Are we really any happier than we would have been in a cave? Any less stressed about tomorrow? Maybe it’s the price of enacting a story that casts mankind as the enemy of the world.

But hey -at least we are not at the mercy of Gods (most of the time). Is the complete independence and control of our environment really something achievable? And even if it is - would that really be a good thing for the world as a whole? Or just us?