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My rating: 3 out of 5

My review:

This is a great book about economics of “Free” (as in free beer mostly). People are currently getting a lot of things for free and people and companies are getting rich by giving stuff away for free. You just have to find the right way. This book is full of interesting examples and approaches that date back to 18th century (and even more back occasionally). However I didn’t exactly agree with author’s description of Richard Stallman as (quoting) “…former MIT firebrand whose Free Software Foundation had been trying to push the movement toward his own anticapitalist views”. More precisely, these statements left me with a bad taste in my mouth and prevented me from fully enjoying rest of the book. Putting that aside, I would say author has a great deal of insight into current digital world, being editor of one of the most famous magazines about digi-world. And this insight shows throughout whole book which is nicely split into chapters that are compact, easy to read and most of all: interesting.