Moving My Blog to WordPress on OpenShift

February 6, 2013 in dns, fedora, google apps, howto, openshift, wordpress

As you might have noticed I moved my blog from blogger to WordPress instance on OpenShift. And then set-up a new DNS record for my domain to point to this OpenShift WordPress. OpenShift has pretty nifty documentation for how to do it. What might not be obvious is that if you are using Google Apps for Domains, you can easily have point to OpenShift WordPress application (or any other OpenShift app for that matter)

To set this up you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Google Apps dashboard 
  2. Go to Domain Settings -> Domain Names
  3. Click “Advanced DNS settings”
  4. Note the login details for GoDaddy (mostly Sign-in name and password)
  5. Click “Sign in to DNS console” and login with previously received information
  6. You should be in main DNS panel, click on <yourdomain>
  7. Look for “DNS Manager” and click “Launch” below a list of your current records
  8. There are 3 parts A records, CNAME (alias) records and MX records
  9. You need to add CNAME so click “Quick add” in CNAME section
  10. First field is subdomain name you want to use. For me that was “blog”
  11. Second field is your domain name (i.e <yourapp>-<yournamespace>
  12. Click “Save zone file” in upper right corner
  13. Now you need to teach rhcloud about this new alias as well so run
    rhc alias add -a <yourapp> --alias blog.<yourdomain>.com
  14. You should be able to see WordPress instance at blog.<yourdomain>.com soon enough
  15. Links within WordPress will be pointing to rhcloud still so let’s fix that…
  16. Login to wordpress (if you do it through your domain you will get SSL certificate errors, this is expected)
  17. Go to Settings -> General
  18. Set “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” to http://blog.<yourdomain>.com
  19. You should be done