Howto create private channel on Freenode

March 25, 2014 in configuration, fedora, howto, IRC

As it happens I sometimes need to create a private IRC channel for prolonged time where nobody but selected people should be able to join. This is a step by step guide to do it on Freenode:


  • All participants have registered usernames
  • You must be channel operator (OP) and the channel must NOT be registered (otherwise contact one of channel founders or pick different channel)

Step by step process

  1. /msg chanserv register <channel>
  2. /msg chanserv set <channel> guard on (Chanserv will join your channel)
  3. /mode <channel> +i (set channel to invite only)
  4. /msg chanserv access <channel> add <nick> (for each person that should be able to join)
  5. /mode <channel> +I <nick> (for each person that should be able to join)
  6. Prosper!

Other people modifications

Add person as co-founder (full permissions):

  • /msg chanserv access <channel> add <nick> FOUNDER

Automatically give OP status to person after joining:

  • /msg chanserv flags <channel> <nick> +O

Allow people to invite others:

  • /msg chanserv flags <channel> <nick> +i

For full information try /msg chanserv help, /msg chanserv help flags and /help mode.